Bass Centre Elites Artist

I'm incredibly proud to say that I'm endorsed by The Bass Centre as one of their Elites Artists alongside legendary names such as Guy Pratt, Norman Watt-Roy, George Anderson and Peter Hook - bass players that continue to inspire me today.

I've been using Bass Centre Elites strings by choice pretty much since the first day I picked up the bass. I initially tried other brands but quickly settled on Elites based on their tone and longevity. 

My Betsy bass is called Lizzie ;)
My Betsy has been christened Lizzie ;)

I currently have three basses - my custom Status Series II, which has a custom stainless steel 40-60-75-95 gauge, and Betsy and Bertha by The Bass Centre, both strung with more traditional nickel-plated 40-60-80-100 gauge.

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