Unleashing our live laser and light show

Muse tribute band

Wow! Simply WOW! After over a year of planning and preparation Dan, Kyle and I finally launched our Muse tribute band with a laser and light show in Portsmouth and a massive thank you to everyone who came along to support us.

I'm lucky that the tribute bands I play in (UK Fleetwood Mac, Cloneplay, Pink Floyd Legacy) all take every aspect of the performance and show seriously, rather than just donning a wig and blagging their way through two hours of music. And MUS3 are no exception.


Video file


Yes, as a three-piece band, our show is played to click (although Dan does play live piano in several songs including an awesome solo in the middle of Butterflies and Hurricanes) but it does mean we have our own programmed lighting show that's synchronised with the music, plus we have Paul Gregory from Bouncing Beamz and his lasers, to produce a unique sound and light show which is a complete tribute to Muse. We want MUS3 to be to Muse what Brit Floyd are to Pink Floyd and Bjorn Again are to Abba. Early days admittedly but you get the idea.

We've got some video recordings of the show and the audio demos are being mastered but already sounding amazing. You can check the early demos out on my showreel page.

We played 24 songs in our first show and that involved me creating 33 patches on my Zoom B6 board which I'm really pleased with. They're about 85% accurate I would say and I'm going to keep working on them, but I will upload the patch files soon to this website.

Next up, back on the road with UK Fleetwood Mac!