Duran Duran tribute band

John Taylor was my first influence as a bass player; Rio, Save a Prayer, Hungry Like the Wolf... actually everything from the Rio album...  Girls on Film, The Reflex, Notorious - they are all such fun bass lines to play but deceptively tricky to get right and physically demanding to play for two hours. So it was little surprise that I wanted to setup a Duran Duran tribute after watching the original line-up reform for the 2004 Astronaut tour, which I did in 2012... cue DURAN2.

The band went on to play The Isle of Wight Festival twice, Fontwell Race Course, Butlins 80s themed weekends and other tribute festivals to massive acclaim. I stepped back from the band in 2017 to focus on other commitments but returned in 2021 to play in a couple of festivals and, who knows, further dates in the years ahead.

I also dep occasionally for DURAN which is arguably the busiest tribute to Duran Duran on the circuit - awesome band!