Zoom B6 patches

My Zoom B6 patches for you to download

I'm a massive fan of the Zoom B6 for the wide variety of sounds I need for the various tribute bands I play in, especially my Muse tribute.

The effect pedals Chris Wolstenholme uses are widely documented but requires a massive financial investment - the Akai Deep Impact second-hand is over £500 alone whereas the B6 is £329 (although I appreciate you can swap in the Panda Future Impact in this instance). However, I do use an EHX Big Muff Pi (£50 second hand) and a Boss OC-2 (£120 second hand) in the effects loop of the B6 for a few reasons:

  • It releases processing power from the B6
  • It allows me to run a parallel signal chain
  • It sounds more authentic (to my ears)

My presets therefore have the "Pi" and "Oc" in their names to indicate to me if I need to use the Big Muff or the OC-2 for that patch. The settings for the Big Muff are:

  • Volume: 12 o'clock
  • Tone: 9 o'clock
  • Sustain: 12 o'clock
  • Dry mode

The settings for the OC-2 are:

  • Normal: 3 o'clock
  • Oct-1: Full
  • Oct-2: Off

But feel free to tweak these settings for your own setup. In some patches where I've used the Big Muff and/or OC-2 you maybe able to substitute back in one of the Zoom B6 alternatives. You can hear our band's demos on my showreel page.

So I thought it would be fun to share these patches with everyone, just for fun, I hope you can use them and enjoy them. All I ask is that you like the following social media pages in return ;)




Map of the Problematique

This is played with a plectrum. The first patch allows me to play the opening intro riff up the dusty end (7s to 38s on the original) before using the second patch to drive the rest of the song.

Stockholm Syndrome

Uses Big Muff Pi throughout and OC-2 for the chorus.

Won't Stand Down

Uses Big Muff Pi.

New Born

Two patches, one for the quiet intro and one for the main song. Main song uses the Big Muff Pi.

Supermassive Black Hole

Big Muff Pi.

Panic Station

I play this using my Bass Centre Betsy (jazz) bass.


Big Muff Pi.

Time Is Running Out

Two patches needed here, one to emulate the synth verse sound and then one for the overdriven chorus, the latter using the Big Muff Pi. Again.


Big Muff Pi.

Thought Contagion

Muscle Museum

Two patches needed here, one for the verses and one for the chorus... with the Big Muff Pi ;)


OK, bit of a cop out on this song because I don't have a custom Status / Kitara bass we run the synth bass line on track so I'm just doubling up. Big Muff Pi please.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

God I love this song. There are two patches for this song, a relatively quieter fuzz for the beginning two verses and then a second more aggressive one for the rest of the song. Big Muff Pi again, sorry.

Dig Down

Another cheat live because of the original Kitara synth bass so just doubling up again, this time with the Boss OC-2.

Plug in Baby

Certainly one of the more tricky sounds to emulate. I admit it's not perfect and it can be improved but, in context of the live band, it certainly works. Needed both the Big Muff Pi and the OC-2. Have a go if you can, see what you think ;) If you have a better sound without the external pedals then let me know and I'll add it here.


I'm still not happy with this, let me know how you get on!


Another tricky sound to get right but, again, sounds decent enough in context of the live band. Big Muff Po required.


God I could play this riff all day. It was this song that convinced me using a Big Muff Pi and OC-2 were the way to go in replicating the majority of Muse sounds.

Knights of Cydonia

Big Muff Pi if you please.